Collision Repair Market

Carborundum is committed to engineering new and better solutions for body shops that demand increased productivity, consistent quality and enhanced cost control.   A member of Refinish Solutions Group (RSG), Carborundum offers a full breadth of valuable choices for all your automotive refinishing needs including abrasives, tapes and masking products, buffing and polishing compounds, scuff pads, sponges, accessories and more.  We also leverage a unique alliance of industry leaders and partners that is committed to helping you optimize your refinish processes to improve your shop’s profitability.  Schedule an on-site test drive of our products and see what sets us apart from the competition.

Full Line Catalog

Carborundum Automotive Refinishing Products Catalog available for immediate download.

Explore Further

Farécla G360 Polishing System Flyer - 8802

Farécla G360 Super Fast Compound and Finish is a radical new polishing system developed to eliminate the need for expensive finer grit abrasives.

Carbo CleanNet Sanding Discs Flyer - CA10105

Eliminate dust and achieve a cleaner, healthier working environment, improved finish and better overall sanding experience with Carbo CleanNet sanding discs.

REVvive by RSG Aerosols Brochure - 8757

Achieve maximum corrosion protection with minimal coats in a convenient aerosol application with REVvive by RSG Aerosols.

REVvive by RSG Waffle Buff Pads Brochure - 8754

Resolve the common problems of the traditional waffle with REVvive by RSG pads, featuring a unique CCS waffle design that allows for the even dispersal of compound while reducing heat buildup.