New Carbo Medalist Ceramic Flap Discs

We've made it easy to win customer, management, and employee loyalty


Our new flap discs meet productivity and employee comfort and safety goals - while exceeding customers' expectations with quality finished products. Carbo Medalist flap discs, now with 100% ceramic grain, get your metalworking jobs done right.

You get a flap disc that works quicker and longer under the toughest conditions, for added production, labor, and inventory savings, and ensures quality from start to finish without gouging or leaving cutting patterns.

These flap discs, along with our Carbo Medalist quick-change discs released last month, add another great tool to your Carborundum ceramic product tool box.

Key Materials/Markets:

  • Mild Carbon Steel, Ferrous Metals, and Cast Iron
  • MRO, Metal Fabrication, and Welding