Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Search for Safety Data Sheets (SDS) on Carbo products.

Search Tips

SDS Search (1-10 UPCs)

  • Enter the UPCs separated with a space (no commas) in the SDS Search (1-10 UPCs) section. 
    • Example:  61463622654 07660768361 66261181509
  • Select the languages needed, click the magnifying glass to search.
  • Scroll to see the SDS search results.
  • To View results, click on the UPC to open the SDS.
  • To Email results, check "Add To Email" for the UPCs required and select  "Email". 
    • You will be required to provide a “To:” and “From:” address. 
    • Note: If you check “Copy Me:”, an email will also be sent to the “From:” address provided.
    • Click "Send Email" to send.


SDS Search (More than 10 UPCs)

  • If you do not already have a properly formatted file for upload, use the "Sample Excel File" link, add the required UPCs along with the language required and save your file. 
  • Click "Choose File" to select your file and populate your email address to receive an email with the results of the search and a link to a zip file of the SDSs.
  • From the results window, you can choose to View the SDS sheets individually or Email a subset of the documents previously emailed, note that no zip file is created. See instructions above for additional clarity.


SDS Questions

If you are unable to find specific SDS documents or you need to speak with a customer representative, please contact us at:

US: 1-800-551-4413

Canada: 1-800-263-6565


SDS Finder

Scroll to see your results after clicking the magnifying glass.